About Us

Who We Are. How We Live. What We Wear.

Fierce like a Texan - that's what we are. Being strong in our convictions and bold in our actions - that's what it means to live the Fiercely Texan way of life.

The creativity we bring to our designs is as broad as our great state, boundless in its energy and diversity. Settling for second-best is frankly not an option, so we insist on creating and selling only premium-quality products which, like Texans, are built to last and get better over time.

To put in simply: we're Here in Texas, About Texas, and For Texas.

Here, in Texas.

Born in the Texas Hill Country, Fiercely Texan is a 100% woman-owned, family-run company. In addition to our own hand-drawn illustrations, Fiercely Texan supports Texas artists, and Texans print and ship our apparel. Heck, Texans even created this website.

About Texas.

Every Fiercely Texan design speaks to the identity, culture, spirit and independence of both native Texans and those who came here, fell madly in love, and now choose to call Texas their home (we get it - we've been there). We hope you enjoy our Texas-themed goods as much as we enjoy making them.

For Texas.

And, y'all, we're not kidding about the "For Texas" part. At Fiercely Texan, we go out of our way to involve and employ Texans in every aspect of our business: from art to other creative, from design and implementation, from printing to packaging and shipping. Sure, you could buy a cheaper t-shirt at some multinational online retailer who sells merchandise from God knows where - but why would do that when every dollar spent at Fiercely Texan promotes Texas commerce?

Our pledge is to source from, employ and support Texas and Texans wherever and whenever possible.

Our priority, second only to selling quality merchandise with a huge helping of Texas-sized customer service, is to do good works by giving back through charitable efforts. The charities featured on fiercelytexan.com make a BIG DAMN impact every day in the lives of our fellow Texans and Texas communities - check 'em out and help spread the good.